Completion of NRP 65 programme: press conference and meeting on "Siedlungen hochwertig verdichten"

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On 28 May 2015, NRP 65 held a national press conference in Berne to present its synthesis products.

The next day, the research results regarding the re-development of cities and suburban areas as well as the quality of settlements were presented and debated at the congress "Siedlungen hochwertig verdichten" at the Landhaus Solothurn.

Research was completed in early 2014. At around that time, the synthesis work of NRP 65 got underway. The results obtained by the research projects were collected in two books: "Quintessenz" and "Wegweiser". They were presented by the authors Brigit Wehrli and Jürg Sulzer at the press conference on 28 May 2015.

The day after, on 29 May 2015, the Swiss Association for Spatial Planning VLP-ASPAN organised a conference with the title "Siedlungen hochwertig verdichten". NRP 65 acted as an organiser as well as a contributor of scientific content. The president of the Steering Committee, Jürg Sulzer, who is also the author of "Quintessenz", gave a speech entitled "Neue urbane Qualität": Stadtwerdung der Agglomeration. In addition, representatives of NRP 65 organised two workshops "Urbane Qualität für Stadt und Umland: Was trägt die Forschung dazu bei" (Brigit Wehrli, member of the Steering Committee of NRP 65 and author of "Wegweiser") and "Wie schafft der Umbau der Agglomeration Identität" (Michele Arnaboldi, researcher of NRP 65; Elisabeth Merk, member of the Steering Committee of NRP 65 and Jürg Sulzer).

Together with a programme-internal event, the press conference and the meeting marked the end of the research programme.

Interest in the meeting is running high. Please register as soon as possible. The meeting will be held in two languages and will feature simultaneous interpreting (except in the workshops)

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