Press conference marks completion of NRP 65 "New Urban Quality"

Picture of the press conference

On 28 May 2015, NRP 65 will hold a press conference in Berne to present its results and recommendations, which have been compiled in two books.

If urban sprawl is to be stopped, the use of developed areas needs to be intensified. The results of the now completed National Research Programme "New Urban Quality" (NRP 65) show how neighbourhoods that have become parts of cities could be remodelled.

Approximately 60 researchers in five projects contributed to NRP 65, which was commissioned by the Federal Council. The programme has now published two books comprising its results and recommendations.

Speakers at the press conference will be Jürg Sulzer, president of the Steering Committee of NRP 65, the sociologist and member of the Steering Committee Brigit Wehrli, the NRP 65 researcher Michele Arnaboldi from Università della Svizzera Italiana, Maria Lezzi, the director of the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE), and the urbanist Ariane Widmer from Lausanne.

The titles of the two books are:

Sulzer, Jürg und Desax, Martina, Steering Committee of NRP 65 (eds.): Stadtwerdung der Agglomeration. Die Suche nach einer neuen urbanen Qualität.  Scheidegger & Spiess, Zurich 2015 (available in German and French)

Wehrli-Schindler, Brigit, Steering Committee of NRP 65 (ed.): Urbane Qualität für Stadt und Umland.  Ein Wegweiser zur nachhaltigen Raumentwicklung.  Scheidegger & Spiess, Zurich 2015 (available in German and French)


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