Programme synthesis of NRP 65


Two synthesis reports present the scientific results of the research projects, draw conclusions for strategic approaches in spatial planning, urban planning and architecture, and show how sustainable urban devel-opment can be strengthened.

The two publications comprise a comprehensive programme synthesis. They combine complementary approaches by including theoretical explanations of the urbanisation of suburban areas and concrete descriptions of towns in the future (Fernbilder) as well as systematic analysis of case studies from various cities and towns to highlight practical implications. The programme synthesis offers a conclusion of NRP 65, whose results include recommendations for policy-makers, planners and practitioners.

Stadtwerdung der Agglomeration. Die Suche nach einer neuen urbanen Qualität


Le devenir urbain de l'agglomération. En quête d'une nouvelle qualité urbaine

(available in German and French)

The title "Urbanisation of suburban areas" reflects the quintessence of the five research projects. The book highlights strategies and targets with regard to the inward development of cities and towns that will counteract further urban sprawl: by urbanising suburban areas, urban planning can contribute to sustainable development without hampering the economy. This urbanising process needs to create spaces that offer a new familiarity to citizens. By proposing images for the year 2080 (Fernbilder), it is possibly to show how the targeted "familiarity of space" could be achieved within today's built-up areas. Instead of continuing to build uncoordinated green-site developments, holistic designs of existing settlements are envisaged to create new neighbourhoods offering familiarity and identity.

Urbane Qualität für Stadt und Umland. Ein Wegweiser zur Stärkung nachhaltigen Raumentwicklung


La qualité urbaine pour la ville et sa périphérie. Un guide visant à renforcer le développement territorial durable.

(available in German and French)

The second synthesis presents designs and projects that serve as examples of how sustainability might be achieved in spatial development. Case studies of selected towns and communes are included and offer an overview of the state of urban planning. The book comprises examples of best practice of urban quality in various cities and towns in Switzerland. These examples show that urban quality in cities, towns or communes can be obtained if certain rules and processes regarding quality assurance are respected. In conclusion, the results show that mindful and creative spatial and urban planning can lead to above-average urban quality.

Sulzer, Jürg und Desax, Martina, Leitungsgruppe NFP 65 (Hg.): Stadtwerdung der Agglomeration. Die Suche nach einer neuen urbanen Qualität. Scheidegger & Spiess, Zürich, 2015.

Wehrli-Schindler, Brigit, Leitungsgruppe NFP 65 (Hg.): Urbane Qualität für Stadt und Umland. Ein Wegweiser zur nachhaltigen Raumentwicklung. Scheidegger & Spiess, Zürich, 2015

The two books were published by Scheidegger & Spiess on 28 May 2015.

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